About Arizona VOAD


Arizona VOAD consists of organizations active in disaster response throughout the state of Arizona.  Our role is to bring organizations together and enable them to understand each other and work together during times of disaster preparedness, response, relief and recovery.  Arizona VOAD adheres to four shared values established by the National VOAD:

Cooperation – We need each other.  No member organization has all the answers for the challenges of disaster response.  We are partners.

Communication – We regularly share information about our member organizations including their capacities, accomplishments and commitments.  We work to maintain good channels to share information, listen intently to one another and deal openly with concerns.

Coordination – We are committed to work together, without competition, to toward the goal of effective service to disaster victims.  We seek to match services to need.  Through careful planning and preparation, we equip our organizations to work in coordination in times of disaster.

Collaboration – We are dedicated to working together to achieve specific goals and to undertake specific projects at disaster sites.  We form partnerships during the disaster response.


Arizona VOAD responds in a timely fashion, for as long as needed, to natural and man-made disasters and crises throughout Arizona. Utilizing a whole community approach, Arizona VOAD provides coordinated services for:

  • Mass and individual feeding

  • Mass and individual shelter

  • Donation and volunteer management support

  • Long-term recovery planning and support

Arizona VOAD members are comprised of state agencies, non-profits, faith organizations, local governments, and federal and private partners that bring specialized knowledge and resources to assist in times of disaster. Arizona VOAD members work together as partners, knowing that no member organization has all the answers for the challenges of disaster response. Arizona VOAD exists to eliminate competition or duplication of services to maximize effective service to disaster victims. Amongst many others, Arizona VOAD has played an active role in the response to these disasters:

  • Rodeo-Chediski Fires - 2002

  • Aspen & Kinishba Fires - 2003

  • Operation Good Neighbor - 2005 (part of the Hurricane Katrina response)

  • Sedona Flash Flood - 2009

  • Shultz Fire & Flooding - 2010

  • Wallow, Monument & Horse Shoe Fires - 2011

  • Gladiator & Crown King Fires - 2012

  • Yarnell Hill & Doce Fires - 2013

Arizona VOAD Organizational Documents:

Arizona VOAD Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct68.36 KB
Arizona VOAD Long Term Recovery Protocol45.91 KB
Arizona VOAD Tri-Fold Brochure1.02 MB
2014 AzVOAD By-Laws125.5 KB